STS Multiplex PECVD , configured for deposition of  SiO2 and Si3N4.

  •  Automatic Load Lock up to substrate size of 8”.
  • Pumping system including Dual stage Rotary and  Roots pumps, compatible with process chemistry.
  • 13,56 Mhz RF generator and  500Watt LF generator, useable  in ” Mixed Frequency” mode for  Si3N4 stress control..
  • Automatic Matching Network for RF .
  • 7 process gas lines with Mass Flow Controllers,  pneumatic valves and inline filters.
  • Heated lower electrode up to 350°C,  240 mm diameter and  Pin Lift  for substrate loading.
  • Heated gas shower head.
  • Heated chamber walls.
  • View Port for  plasma analysis  and End Point Detection.
  • Capacitance Manometer for process pressure.
  • APC Throttle valve.
  • Closed loop chiller
  • Process controller based on  486 PC and MS DOS based control  Software .
  • Input power 380/220 Vac.

This system has been refurbished and it is in working condition.

Pumps will be refurbished before delivery.

Price of the system: 90.000 Euro (excluding any tax and transportation)

Warranty: 3 months on parts.

Our engineers will assist remotely local engineers in fault-finding.

Any defective part should be shipped back to Gambetti for repair.

On site service would be charged at agreed intercompany rates.



Payment terms:

To be agreed.