Politecnico di Milano, in cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific, IONTOF, and Gambetti Kenologia, is proud to invite researchers to the 2022 XPS-TOF SIMS Workshop on “Advanced micro and nano-characterization of hybrid interfaces – A multidisciplinary approach”. Two special remote demonstrations of the last release of Thermo Fisher Escalab QXi and IONTOF M6 will take place.

Date: 7 November 2022

Time: 08.45 am – 06.00 pm

Venue: Aula Magna, Campus Leonardo, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 Milano, Italy

The one-day event is free of charge and requires a registration in advance before 1st November 2022.



The program is regularly updated.

First panel | Chairman: Rossella Yivlialin

08:45     Welcoming & Introduction
P. Carrozzo/S. Fabbri – Gambetti Kenologia
S. Kayser – IONTOF
C. Deeks – Thermo Fisher

08:55 Guest Talk                             

Alberto Calloni, Politecnico di Milano
X-ray photoemission spectroscopy as a key technique to highlight intercalation processes in graphite electrodes

09:25 Guest Talk             
Christopher Deeks, Thermo Fisher
Combining XPS and Other Surface Analysis Techniques for in-situ Analysis

09:55 Guest Talk
Antonella Rossi, Università di Cagliari
Analytical challenges in XPS: understanding corrosion and tribological tested samples

10:25 Guest Talk
Giorgio Speranza, Fondazione Bruno Kessler
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and characterization of the material’s surface

10:55 Coffee Break                                                         

Second panel | Chairman: Francesco Goto

11:15 Guest Talk
Elena Magnano, IOM – CNR Elettra Sincrotrone
Soft X-Ray spectroscopy at liquid/solid interface: in-situ and operando investigations at BACH beamline

11:45 Guest Talk
Luca Schio, IOM-CNR Elettra Sincrotrone
On Surface trans-metalation of Zinc Tetraphenyl Porphyrin on rTiO2(110)

12:15 Guest Talk
Marzio Rancan, CNR – ICMATE
XPS: a powerful tool for understanding functional materials

12:45 Guest Talk
Letizia Savio, Università di Genova
C-based nanostructures on Ag (110). What do we learn by XPS?

13:15 Lunch Break                                                          

Third panel | Chairman: Alberto Calloni

14:00 Guest Talk
Sven Kayser, IONTOF
Time-of-Flight SIMS: From static surface characterization to three-dimensional organic and inorganic micro area analysis

14:30 Guest Talk
Luca Tortora, INFN Università di Roma Tre
ToF-SIMS in solid state chemistry and physics

15:00 Guest Talk
Giacomo Ceccone, JRC Ispra
Needs and Challenges in Nanomaterials characterisation by XPS and ToF-SIMS

15:30 Guest Talk
Giorgio Speranza, Fondazione Bruno Kessler
RxpsG a new open project for XPS AES data processing

Coffee Break     16:00 

Fourth panel | Chairman: Gianlorenzo Bussetti

16:20 Guest Talk

Vito Di Noto, Università di Padova
Near-Ambient-Pressure XPS: a New Frontier in Surface Science

16:50 Guest Talk

Elena Dilonardo, CNR – Nanotec
X-ray photon electron spectroscopy as structural and chemical surface probe on 2D chalcogenides layers

17:20 Remote XPS Demo
Christopher Deeks, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Escalab QXi remote demo

17:40 Remote TOFSIMS Demo
Sven Kayser, IONTOF
M6 remote demo

18:00 Closing Remarks
P. Carrozzo/S. Fabbri – Gambetti Kenologia
S. Kayser – IONTOF
C. Deeks – Thermo Fisher


A special THANK YOU to Prof. Gianlorenzo Bussetti and Prof. Edoardo Albisetti from the Physics Department of Politecnico di Milano for hosting the event.